WILLEMIN-MACODEL 508MT2 from Premier Machine Tools – great quality, surface finishes, and tight tolerances

If you’re looking to achieve tight surface tolerances and great quality on complex, high accuracy prismatic parts, check out the WILLEMIN-MACODEL 508MT2 supplied by Premier Machine Tools. Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC and David Dunn of Premier Machine Tools discuss linear motors, linear scales, 7 to 9 axis capability, and automation on this fantastic machine. With the possibilities to turn and mill on the same machine to a high accuracy, the 508MT2 allows for machining on both ends of the component. A tray system enables you to store raw materials, billets that can be robot-loaded, and finished components. WILLEMIN-MACODEL develop automation systems to suit specific applications for customers, including built-in programming on the machine control. The 508MT2 offers up to 40,000 RPM and up to 72 tools as standard configuration along with sister tooling capability and thermal compensation. Find out more on lights out running for complex parts and maintaining accuracy on a machine with a compact footprint but massive capacity.

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