TORNOS DT26 review with David Dunn of Premier Machine Tools

It might look like a simple concept, but this TORNOS DT26 is a very capable machine. Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC asks David Dunn of Premier Machine Tools about the entry-level sliding head machine available in two versions and a range of options. The DT26 offers driven tool capability, counter operations, and a plug-and-play B axis. Users have options of gear hobbing, polygon turning, thread whirling, and high frequency 10 kW main and sub spindles. With several ways to accommodate chip evacuation and swarf management, the machine allows users to monitor it from anywhere through TISIS, the programming software that gives all the essential information on productivity to optimize programs through visual representations of cycles. Find out more from David as he shares critical features of this rigid machine that can cut any kind of material.

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