Effective spray cleaning with the powerful EcoCcube from ECOCLEAN

Machining capacity is important, but how often do you think about your cleaning capacity? If you’ve got loads of work in progress sitting next to the paraffin bath, check out the EcocCube from ECOCLEAN. EcoCcube is a powerful user-friendly spray operating machine for thorough washing, rinsing, and cleaning of parts. The machine has two tanks for primary washing and rinse off as well as sensor spray bars for complete soaking. The unique hot air drying can be set from 70 degrees to 130 degrees Celsius, allowing up to 100% drying capability. The pictogram control is easy to operate, allowing you to fill the baskets, shut the door, and walk away! Find out how the EcoCcube can help you handle high-volume cleaning of parts with improved consistency and quality.

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