No compromise on quality with the Willemin-Macodel 408MT from Premier Machine Tools

Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC is at the Willemin-Macodel factory in Switzerland to find out more about the 408MT, a multi-process machining centre for making different parts and applications using the same hardware with only the software changed. While traditional milling requires a lot of change over with vices and work holding, the 408MT simply takes the part, lets you mill it off, and delivers a finished part. Offering some intense specifications, the 408MT has an RPM of 8000 by turning, and a milling spindle of 42000rpm, allowing multi-tasking and reduced cycle times. With a capacity of 72 positions for turning, milling and probing tools, the machine can use production management software to manage all the production you need. Capable of autonomous running, the 408MT does not compromise on stability or the ability to cut harder materials, and it also comes with Dynamic Thermal Stabilisation or DTS for ultimate precision. Find out more about the compact footprint 408MT available from Premier Machine Tools in the UK and Ireland.

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