Incredible output for high volume production!

Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC is with Greg Mitchell of Escomatic to find out how the NM series machine can bring huge savings on cycle times. The machine is coil-fed from 4mm to 8mm, and the straightening system removes the curve from the coiled material. The NM series offers 4 rotating tools around a static material, allowing users to mill, cut, or turn any type of material from titanium to steel alloys without breaking parts. Depending on the application, the machine can run 4 different tools or two pairs of tools with automatic changeover. Greg emphasises the plethora of features that can be done on the NM series, with the machine designed to accommodate customer needs around high volumes and anything under 8mm. The difference between a normal cutting machine and an Escomatic machine is knowing how to straighten the material, while the cutting tools, programs, and control features are exactly the same as any other lathe on the market. Find out more about this beast of a machine available as the NM Flexi series and the Twin series, a configuration that triples the output of the machine!

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