Real-time profitability tracking and efficiency with MIE Trak Pro from MIE Solutions

Profitability is the key focus to stay in business, and MIE Trak Pro from MIE Solutions can help ensure you’re making money. Tom Trow-Poole of MIE Solutions is with Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC to share more on integrated scheduling and tracking costs in the manufacturing process. Shop floor data capture allows operators and management to see exactly where a job is up to and how much has been spent on each stage. MIE Solutions offer several different options to ensure data is getting put into the system correctly and parts are clocked in, such as bar coding and the real-time Kiosk module, an interface with add-ons such as the ability to reduce paper use and automatically update information for every schedule. Operators can also raise engineering change requests and monitor inventory on the shop floor. At any point in time, each work order shows planned versus actual costs, allowing for tracking efficiency and elimination of unprofitable jobs. Visit to find out how you can take 100% control of maximum profitability in your manufacturing process.

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