MIE Solutions launch a new accounting module

MIE Solutions UK Ltd, the supplier of the multi-award winning MIETrak Pro, have developed their MRP system to include a UK compliant accounting module. The development essentially enables the company to now officially brand the software an ERP package (Enterprise Resource Planning); offering a complete, end-to-end, business management solution from estimating through to accounts.

Prior to this development, MIETrak Pro’s offering managed a company’s operations up until the point of raising a purchase invoice and sales invoice. This financial information would then be exported into a third party accounts package which would manage the companies accounts from there on. Although the company can now offer a complete solution, they are also quick to remind users that the ability to manage accounts via a third party accounting package is, and always will be an option for those that choose to. 

Technical director, Chris Mann, commented on the new development “Here at MIE Solutions, we are always striving to improve the software based on customer feedback. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we identified accounting as an area we had the resource and expertise to venture into. Although we have only just started to support the accounting module here in the UK, the module itself has been in the software and used for over 20 years in other countries throughout the world. Essentially, we already had the majority of the functionality needed to comply with UK regulations, it was just a case of developing and fine tuning what already existed to suit the UK market”.

The introduction of the accounting module enables users to process all day-to-day accounting functions from within one system, along with being able to produce accounting reports such as profit and loss, trial balances and balance sheets.

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