Make quoting easier and more efficient with the MIE Trak Pro

How can manufacturing ERP software help you save time and money? Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC and Tom Trow-Poole of MIE Solutions discuss accurate and efficient quoting with MIE Trak Pro. If you want to win work, the first step is quoting customers for jobs. MIE Trak Pro takes away the inefficiencies of spreadsheets to offer increased productivity for every step of your manufacturing process. While traditional quoting often requires an experienced senior engineer, MIE Trak Pro is simple to operate for anyone who can read a drawing! The software allows seamless estimation, such as calculating how many parts you can get out of a sheet or from a particular length, integrating customised formulas, and easily importing data. Whether you need a detailed quote or a ballpark, MIE Trak Pro from MIE Solutions can make manufacturing management much easier.

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