High Speed Bridge-Type Machining Centre (H6)

Detailed Specification

Available on short delivery.

High-precision and high-performance spindle

  • The spindle is of 36k rpm, Built-in.
  • Embedded automatic thermal compensation appliance (Opt. on IBAG spindle) can effectively refrain from the thermal deformation and surely guarantee the accuracy.
  • The cooling system on the spindle makes sure the temperature stability in spindle operation and restrains from the thermal deformation on the spindle to optimize the machining accuracy.

H6 | Machine Specification:

X-axis travel – 600 mm

Y-axis travel – 600 mm

Z-axis travel – 350 mm

Table size – 600 x 600 mm

Max. load – 500 kg

Rapid traverse – 30 M/min (X, Y, Z)

Spindle taper – HSK-40E

Spindle speed – 36,000 rpm

ATC – 20 tools

Control – Fanuc 0iMF-Plus

H6 | Standard Options:

Spindle air blast

Cutting air blast

Coolant tank

Spindle oil cooler

Automatic centralised lubrication system

3-axis encoder motors

Full enclosure splash guard

Indication and working lamp

Manual pulse generator

Ethernet card & RS-232C interface

Air conditioner for electrical cabinet

Oil skimmer

Tool kits

Anchor bolts

Operation manuals

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