Quality machines that combine precision, power and accuracy. Gruppo Parpas are known for manufacturing large machinery for various sectors wanting to achieve complex components with the highest precision. These machines include the gantry milling machines, they consist of the following:

The XS can machine parts up to 20 metres long and the wide range of tools and attachments, together with the capability of interchanging high speed/high torque spindle cartridges, offers maximum flexibility for processing heavy and complex components.

Specification includes:

X-axis travel : 3 M > 20 M

Y-axis travel : 2.7 M / 3.2M / 4.7M

Z-axis travel : 1.5M / 2.2M

Rapid feedrates: 100,000 mm/min

Control: Heidenhain

A machine that combines precision and rigidity. The AERO is based on the XS series of gantry mills, but specifically adapted for the machining of large flat components. The distance between columns is up to 8 metres and the length of the table base, generally starting at 6 metres, is unlimited. The full 5-axis head is fitted as standard and other attachments are available.

Specification includes:

X-axis travel : 5 M > 30 M

Y-axis travel : 5 M / 7.6 M

Z-axis travel : 2M / 2.5 M

Rapid feedrates: 90,000 mm/min

Control: Heidenhain

With an option of 30 metres in the X axis travel and a tool changer that can hold up to 400 tools the SPEEDLINER is ideal for manufacturing large complex components in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, power generation and mould & die. The gantry milling machine has the capability for 3 or 5-axis high speed machining and features a monobloc gantry style structure with a moving saddle and a stationary workpiece. The machine also has a unique thermal stability control system ensuring it stays between 18-30°C to maintain high accuracy and a volumetric accuracy of 40 µm within the working envelope.

Specification includes:

X-axis travel : 4 M > 30 M

Y-axis travel : 2.6 M / 3.2 M / 3.6 M

Z-axis travel : 800 mm / 1.2 M / 1.4 M

Rapid feedrates : 80,000 mm/min

Control : Heidenhain / Siemens

The milling capabilities of the DIAMOND LINEAR 30 is perfect for mould & die manufacturing and producing complex contoured parts with high precision and speed. This 5-axis gantry mill features a monobloc structure and a moving saddle/spindle carrier – the fixed table is ideal for heavy dies weighing up to 20 tonnes.

Specification includes:

X-axis travel : 1.5 M > 3.0 M

Y-axis travel : 2.6 M

Z-axis travel : 1M / 1.4 M

Rapid feedrates : 60,000 mm/min

Control : Heidenhain


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