FAT Haco have been designing and manufacturing large heavy-duty lathes for many customers around the world since 1945, including integrated solutions for automated handling of large components.

Fully automatic lathe with loading stations, the TUR 6MN x 3000, which took a year to complete, has been installed in a large company in China. This machine line handles aluminium billets up to Ø800mm and 2000mm long. Using a cutting depth of 15mm, the peeling line can produce 14 pieces/hour, totally automatically.

FAT Haco have provided not only the lathe, but also managed the total assembly of the large automatic peeling machine line. The line contains a semi-automatic loading crane for loading, a loading station, the TUR 6MNx3000 heavy duty lathe, an offloading CNC crane and an output rolling table.

The lathe built for a contractor from the USA is characterised by a unique bed solution. It consists of two independent beds mounted onto a special foundation. This solution enables the machining of shafts with a diameter of up to 3,000 mm along the full length of 22,000 mm without interfering with rests and tailstocks. With a high spindle torque, a dedicated tool system and structural stability ensure reliability and efficiency of machining.

FAT Haco’s experience in various manufacturing sectors has resulted in their ability to design and manufacture special purpose machines for pipe drilling, train bumper machining, grinding rubber shafts and other complex applications. In many cases, robotic loading, overhead gantries and bespoke loading equipment has been supplied as part of a turn-key solution.

They have designed and manufactured a large FTM lathe for a customer In Australia. The impressive FTM 1000 x 7500 lathe has been tested and installed with the large lathe now running. This multi-purpose lathe is equipped with a modern milling head, a tool magazine integrated with an automatic tool changer, an exceptionally big spindle bore of 360mm, a special solution for using long boring bars, sub-spindle and other elements which enables efficient and precise machining. This impressive lathe allows the customer the possibility to machine parts up to 7500mm in length and up to 1000mm in diameter.

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