Aerospace Company Invest in Gruppo Parpas Diamond Linear 30

We are pleased to announce that an aerospace company in the Republic of Ireland have invested in a Gruppo Parpas Diamond Linear 30.

The Diamond Linear 30 is a large gantry machining centre that offers high-speed machining with outstanding surface finishes. The machine has been chosen with the “Linear” configuration which has linear motors for 3 machine axes and torque motors for rotary axes.

Gruppo Parpas a well-established company and they’re a major manufacturer of medium to large range of sophisticated machine tools.

The company who has invested in this prestigious machine tool specialise in manufacturing high precision components, from batch production runs to one-off prototypes and development work. They are currently working with many of the worlds most progressive manufacturing companies in the aerospace, medical and plastics industries. Their dedication to understanding each client’s needs is shown threw their high precision components.

With already a strong presence of the brand in the U.K. we are delighted to add this machine to an ever-growing portfolio within the U.K. manufacturing scene.

Gruppo Parpas machine tools are sold exclusively in the U.K. from Leader CNC Technologies.

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