Shibaura Machine have a reputation for manufacturing powerful, reliable machines and so, unsurprisingly, there are machines in the U.K. still in production after 30 years. This longevity is further enhanced by the high residual value of Shibaura machines, providing the user with a valuable asset. In particular the vertical boring and turning machines can be found manufacturing large components around the U.K. in various sectors such as aerospace, power generation and automotive.

Starting with the popular and powerful TUE series, consisting of the TUE-150 and TUE-200 models, are available with various options including positional C-axis, driven tools and angle heads. AM Hydraulics, a Birmingham based engineering company, have recently invested in a TUE-200(s) for manufacturing highly accurate hydraulic parts.

If you’re looking for a machine similar to the TUE-200(s) and floor space is limited Shibaura Machine can offer the TUE-100 which is the perfect alternative. With a Ø1M rotary table, the turning performance of the TUE-100 is exceptional. The 45kW drive motor provides a turning speed of 600 rpm and 9,800 N.m of torque. The identical ram cross-section as on the larger models ensures heavy duty cutting capability and the ram can withstand a cutting force of 19,600N.

The TUD series consists of three machines that are turn only and many tooling configurations are available. This model is available as either single table or twin pallet.

TMD models of vertical borers are available, this model having a gearbox driven C-axis and driven tools. Many attachments and angle heads can be provided and, like the TUD, the TMD is available single table or twin or multi pallets.

The TSS single column vertical turning lathe has the additional benefit of a movable X axis carriage, enabling the machine to process components nearly twice the diameter of the rotary table. The single radial elevating cross-rail on which the ram carrier is mounted uses a patented automatic compensation system to maintain straightness. A live spindle can be provided for boring, drilling and tapping operations.

The newest machine in the range, TDS range of vertical boring mills has been designed to process medium sized parts up to 5M in diameter, 2.75M high and weighing up to 30 tonnes. The double column construction, long stroke elevating rail, enclosed ram and high torque table provide the TDS with exceptional metal removal capability. These machines are available as turn-only or with C axis and live spindle.

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