Weidmuller Ltd. Canada has joined forces with AD Electrical – Canada to strengthen its industry footprint.

Weidmuller Canada is currently a division of AD’s Electrical – Canada. Weidmuller, a connectivity solution company, provides a wide range of equipment, solutions, and services for smart industrial networking and the Industrial Internet of Things. Weidmuller will be linked into the AD Electrical – Canada network beginning August 1. The AD network is a North American marketing and purchasing group for industrial and construction goods.

“The collaboration between Weidmuller and AD Electrical – Canada is extremely important,” stated Vince Hosick, Weidmuller’s distribution manager. “Not only will this collaboration enable Weidmuller to improve connectivity, communication, and engagement among AD’s membership, but it will also play a critical role in driving market growth.” The AD distributor network is said to be well-positioned to market Weidmuller’s extensive product line, which includes terminal blocks, power supply, relays, I/Os, heavy-duty connectors, signal conditioning, ethernet product classes, and many others, throughout the Canadian market.

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