ADM Toronto 2023 highlights innovation and addresses crucial industry issues

The Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo 2023 Toronto took place from November 7 to 9 at the Toronto Congress Centre. Attracting guests from a wide range of manufacturing sectors, the show focused on the latest innovations that have the potential to catapult Canadian businesses to continuing success.

In his inaugural lecture, John Laughlin, CTO of Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), discussed how well-positioned Canadian manufacturing is to compete on a level playing field with the world’s top economies. He described how Canadian stakeholders may take advantage of the various opportunities for increasing production and process efficiencies. Laughlin stated that the prognosis for manufacturing in Canada is positive. He also stated that investments in the automobile industry will have a long-term impact. The use of modern technology is increasing. NGen, according to Laughlin, is particularly interested in the investment in AI in manufacturing and is cognizant of the economic implications. He went on to say that corporations are increasingly onshoring and reshoring their manufacturing sites to increase the overall robustness and responsiveness of their supply chain.

Rocco Rossi, president and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, spoke about manufacturing in Ontario and the potential and pathways to improve the business. He talked about how the province compared to states in Canada’s neighbour, the United States, and what steps it should take to maintain its competitiveness. Rossi emphasised the significance of recent substantial investments in the automotive sector, particularly in the electric vehicle supply chain, which can aid Ontario’s economy.

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