Vention teams up with UR to debut coordinating motion technology at FABTECH 2023

Vention, in partnership with Universal Robots, has announced its next innovation in robotic control: coordinated motion. This technology, according to the business, enables customers to accomplish synchronised motion control across six robot joints and a single external linear axis, allowing for exact TCP (Tool Centre Point) trajectory execution across various waypoints at particular periods across the robot workspace. Coordinated motion is said to open up a new world of possibilities for Vention and Universal Robots customers, allowing them to streamline their processes and improve their applications. Users can purportedly optimise their automated system’s cycle time, maintain a constant TCP, and track the TCP by combining coordinated motion between Vention’s 7th axis and Universal Robots’ collaborative robots.
The coordinated motion technology developed with Universal Robots provides numerous solutions for various applications. It can integrate robots on the horizontal 7th axis, vertical 7th axis, and rotary positioner. This new product expands the usability of coordinated motion and adds a valuable dimension to automation systems.” Showing the new coordinated motion software developed in collaboration with Universal Robots at FABTECH is a great achievement,” said Anik Roy Trudel, vice-president of product line management at Vention. “This new innovation demonstrates Vention and Universal Robots’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations and boost productivity.” We are thrilled to provide Coordinated Motion to our Universal Robots customers and look forward to sharing its impact on their automated systems.” Within the next six months, Vention and Universal Robots users will be able to employ Coordinated Motion.


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