Torcan Lift Equipment and LOU-TEC collaborate

LOU-TEC, a Quebec rental firm for heavy machinery, tools, and specialised equipment, has partnered with Torcan Lift Equipment, an Ontario company that sells and rents elevation equipment. LOU-TEC and Torcan Lift Equipment’s combined resources will boost their long-term expansion ambitions. Both companies will have access to more equipment and finance, expanding their prospects to execute their expansion goals.

Torcan Lift Equipment has over 70 personnel and a fleet of over 2,400 pieces of elevation equipment. It also provides lifting equipment maintenance, a full range of parts, and industry-leading training. “We are thrilled to welcome Torcan Lift Equipment to the LOU-TEC family.” This deal is consistent with LOU-TEC’s growth strategy, as it will allow the company to create a substantial presence in Ontario and extend its existing business activities there’, stated Jean-Marc Dallaire, President and CEO of LOU-TEC.

LOU-TEC and Torcan Lift Equipment will continue to function as usual, with their respective identities and brand images remaining unchanged. Both companies’ headquarters will stay in their current locations. This deal has the full backing of Torcan Lift Equipment’s current management and workers, who will remain in their positions and provide continued service. Torcan Lift Equipment’s key stockholders became LOU-TEC shareholders, and Joe Picao, President of Torcan Lift Equipment, retains his position. “This is a great opportunity to develop a strong relationship with the LOU-TEC team,” Picao remarked. “Together, we’ll be able to offer an impressive fleet of equipment, cover a larger territory and respond effectively to the growing needs on construction sites.”

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