The GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser is the ultimate adventure vehicle that can self-charge

The long-awaited GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser made its public premiere. The electric truck is outfitted with EarthCruiser’s overland upfit solution, making it the ideal zero-emission adventure vehicle with solar-powered self-charging capabilities. GMC stated in March that it would collaborate with EarthCruiser to develop an Overlanding upfit solution that could be fitted into the Hummer EV pickup.EarthCruiser, a premier overlander adventure vehicle firm, collaborated with GMC to design and build a next-generation electric pickup solution. After multiple teases, Electrek believed that the overland EV might incorporate solar panels for off-grid charging. Aside from that, few facts about the adventure vehicle have been revealed so far.EarthCruiser unveiled the GMC Hummer EV upfit solution on Thursday, claiming that it is suitable for “anywhere and everywhere” adventure.

The Hummer EV has arrived. Overlander EarthCruiser

The exploration vehicle incorporates a carbon fibre EarthCruiser housing that is fully integrated into the Hummer EV chassis. The top may be removed to go exploring in any season or to gaze at the stars at night. According to the business, 605W onboard solar power and a 6 kWh 12V lithium battery system can offer off-grid electricity for up to seven days. This allows equipment such as refrigerators and freezers to operate for nearly a week.

With 80 inches of headroom at the doorway, 76 inches in the corridor, and 35 inches in the sleeping space, you’ll have all you need for a comfortable stay regardless of the terrain. With an RV-size full-size bed, an intuitive 7-inch touchscreen system, a “curated selection of appliances,” an indoor and outdoor shower, 120V and 12V outlets, and a flat-pack toilet, the attractive interior is optimised for versatility and storage. A stainless steel sink, induction hob, refrigerator/freezer and onboard 12V water heater are among the appliances.In terms of charging, the business claims that with integrated solar power, you can “rest in your upfit until you are ready to hit the road again.” The upfit sleeps two people and is 217 inches long by 117 inches height in “Camp Mode” or 90 inches in “Drive Mode.”

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