Speedgrip Chuck Company Names New Executives

Matthew Mayer has been appointed president of Speedgrip Chuck Company. Mayer is stated to have three decades of expertise in the manufacturing industry, including executive leadership positions. Mayer was chosen for his expertise in OEM workholding operations, sales, machining, and assembly of machine tool equipment. He is using his knowledge to help Speedgrip increase its market position. “Speedgrip’s brand has and always will be tied to master craftsmanship, trust and reliability,” said Mayer. “I am leading the company with a clear vision for the future that includes carrying on the company’s manufacturing legacy while also developing new products for advanced manufacturing and automation applications.”

Mayer’s appointment coincided with the hiring of Mark Lesser as general manager. Lesser is reported to have over two decades of industry experience, earning expertise in talent acquisition, rate of return on capital investments, and effective operational planning. Lesser is recognised for improving the Speedgrip production team through excellent hiring practices and the introduction of new production methods for increased quality and efficiencies. As part of Speedgrip’s expansion strategy, Mayer expanded the company’s top management team by hiring Jon Feldman as chief financial officer. Feldman adds fiduciary and manufacturing skills to the company’s C-suite after serving as controller for seven years.

“With Jon and Mark on my executive management team, I brought financial acumen, analytic problem-solvers and servant leadership to Speedgrip’s decision-making table,” Mayer explains in a statement. “Together, we all are keenly in tune with our business, customers, people and the vast potential Speedgrip can reach.”

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