Seco Tools Names a VP of Sustainability and EHS

Maria Blomqvist, Seco Tools’ head of sustainability, has been named the company’s vice president of sustainability and environment, health, and safety (EHS). Maria has also joined the Seco Management Group and will continue to report to Stefan Steenstrup, Seco’s president. Including sustainability in the management team is a step towards the company’s aim of becoming net zero in scopes 1 through 3. Seco plans to boost its circularity drive and develop competitive options with suppliers and consumers. The continuous push for digitalization and transparency, which will be a priority for Maria Blomqvist, will be a crucial enabler in achieving this.

Maria Blomqvist has a master’s degree in biology from Linköping University. She joined Seco in 2012 as an environmental compliance specialist and later rose through the ranks to become manager of global EHS and head of sustainability and EHS. “Sustainability is a top priority at Seco, but it is also becoming increasingly important for our customers.” “Bringing Sustainability into the management team is a logical step to ensure that we always have a sustainable perspective on all topics,” adds Steenstrup. “Together with my team of highly qualified experts, we will work hard to ensure that Seco is recognised as a sustainability leader in our industry,” Blomqvist said.

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