Schunk collaborates with Ready Robotics to create a simulation tool

Schunk has announced a collaboration with Ready Robotics to create the Automation Explorer simulation tool, which will help with the specification, deployment, and redeployment of automated systems. Automation Explorer will allow customers to visually explore and engage with Schunk automation technology in a physics-based simulation tool that is realistic and detailed.

Nvidia Isaac SimTM is a simulation platform based on Nvidia OmniverseTM that is used to create, test, and deploy AI-based robotics systems. Its physics engine allows for extensive, realistic simulations of real-world conditions. Ready Robotics is the creator of ForgeOS, the industrial operating system for robots and automation, as well as the creator of automation solutions geared to tackle typical manufacturing challenges. Automation Explorer integrates Nvidia Isaac SimTM, ForgeOS from Ready Robotics, and automation technology from Schunk.

The simulation will be driven by physics-based technical product data from automation technology, such as grippers, allowing virtual commissioning of real-world automation projects. Simulating process automation with physics-based computations, according to Schunk, enables more precise visualisation and optimisation before a robot even reaches a production floor. According to Kel Guerin, co-founder and chief innovation officer at Ready Robotics, “By connecting ForgeOS and Nvidia Isaac SimTM, customers will be able to control any robotic hardware and Schunk peripherals in simulation and the real world, in exactly the same way.”

“Automation Explorer will give both new and experienced automation users confidence that their process is being optimised to its full potential.” “Whether you’re looking into automation for the first time or redeploying automation equipment for a new task, Automation Explorer provides a significant opportunity for understanding automation process potential while also digitalizing and simplifying deployment tasks,” says Milton Guerry, president of Schunk USA.

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