Platinum Tooling has been appointed as a distributor for Rev Broaching Tools.

Platinum Tooling, an importer and distributor of several international vendors’ live tools, angle heads, speed increasers, Swiss machine products, knurling and marking tools, and shrink-fit tool holders, will now carry Rev broaching tools in North America. Rev S.R.L. is a manufacturer of broaching solutions for CNC lathes and machining centres based in Northern Italy. The tools are perfect for cutting simple keyways as well as internal and external profiles, including teeth and splines. Common shapes, such as square and hexagon, are considered to be simple to achieve, and bespoke profiles are also available. Rev broaching tools, according to the manufacturer, are designed to give exceptional performance, long insert life, and good surface quality.

Rev’s motorised broaching tool is intended for use on live-tool lathes. The use of a single machine reduces the requirement for secondary operations or outsourcing. Rev tools are perfect for high-volume production runs since they are simple to install and process quickly. These tools are designed for optimum stiffness, long tool life, and a high level of polish. Rev static broaching tools are designed for use on CNC lathes that have or do not have a Y-axis. They have a unique eccentric bushing that avoids alignment issues on machines that do not have a Y-axis. The tools are made of robust two-piece steel and are excellent for smaller runs. They are intended for use in lathe boring bar holders and machining centre collet chucks or Weldon holders. Rev tools allow for the machining of a wide range of conventional and unique profiles and sizes. Platinum claims its Rev broaching tools complement the Heimatec live tools sold through its North American network of manufacturers’ reps and distributors.

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