Omron Automation has created an innovation award to recognise customer-driven sustainable automation solutions

Omron Automation Americas introduces a new Innovation Award to honour clients who support automation solutions that promote sustainability, improve quality of life, and reduce environmental impact. This project, according to the corporation, recognises excellence in industrial automation and technology-based solutions that address societal issues. It also helps businesses attract the next generation of manufacturing workers.

“We are delighted to recognise our valued customers with this annual Innovation Award,” says Peter Brouwer, vice president of sales at Omron Automation Americas. “The Innovation Award recognises Omron and our customers’ collaborative effort in designing automation solutions, recognising their creativity and the remarkable advancements achieved through our partnership.”

Omron states in a press release that the company actively applies its key corporate social responsibility principles. It encourages progress at production sites and contributes to the construction of a sustainable future that meets social requirements by harnessing technical innovation.

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