Nulogy and Formic join together to automate manufacturing supply chains

Nulogy, a supply chain collaboration solution provider, and Formic, a robotics firm, have announced a collaboration to boost manufacturing supply chains through their respective SaaS (Software as a Service) and RaaS (Robotics as a Service) product offerings. Nulogy and Formic will provide customers with the ability to implement value-driven digital shop floor solutions without requiring a large capital expenditure. As manufacturers and their supply chain partners deal with labour shortages, rivalry, and shifting customer needs, many companies are turning to technology to gain a competitive advantage in cost, efficiency, and customer service.

“Manufacturing cannot survive without automation, whether it’s automated data flow or physical automation on the production floor,” explains Formic co-founder and VP of Sales Misa Ilkhechi. “At Formic, we’re working to make it ten times faster, easier, and less expensive to deploy a robot and increase productivity.” We are pleased to collaborate with Nulogy, whose real-time data visibility and dynamic collaboration will help our clients save time.”

This collaboration between Nulogy and Formic will provide a suite of automation capabilities to contract logistics providers, contract packagers, contract manufacturers, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands, including shop floor data and workflow automation via Nulogy’s cloud-based platform and physical production floor automation via Formic’s array of accessible robotics solutions.

“Manufacturers and packagers in today’s consumer market can no longer afford to ignore the agility and competitive edge that data automation offers,” says Jason Tham, CEO and co-founder of Nulogy. “The shop floor efficiencies gained by Formic’s robotics technology combined with Nulogy’s collaborative platform present a powerful, scalable solution for companies to operate with greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.”

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