New Holland Introduces All-Electric, Autonomous Tractor

New Holland Agriculture will launch the T4 Electric Power, an all-electric utility tractor with autonomous features, in 2024. This tractor ushers in a new market segment, the Utility Electric, with the goal of providing solutions for more effective field operations.

The T4 Electric Power is a solution for lower horsepower field operations, and it is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including mixed farm, hay and forage, dairy, livestock, urban, greenhouse, and speciality crops (vegetable and orchard). The tractor is the latest step in New Holland’s electrification strategy, as well as the newest addition to the brand’s array of alternative energy sources powered equipment, which includes the T7 Methane Power LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and the T6.180 Methane Power.

The T4 Electric Power, equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack, gives progressive power and consistent torque at low speeds, offering a completely new driving experience and operation during the loader work cycle and regular farm routines. The T4 Electric Power is powered by a cutting-edge battery system and a fully electrified drivetrain proven to produce power and productivity. It has a maximum energy storage capacity of 110 kWh in a 400V nominal high-voltage circuit and produces 74 hp (55 kW) rated power and 65 hp (48 kW) PTO power. This tractor is a pioneering and revolutionary solution because it uses an efficient high-voltage powertrain with integrated cooling features in single devices from recognised mass production vendors and material that is now in production.

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