ModuleWorks Data Exchange is used by Autodesk and DN Solutions.

ModuleWorks announces the adoption of the Manufacturing Data Exchange Specification (MDES) by Autodesk and DN Solutions. MDES’s goal is to optimally connect various technologies across software and hardware platforms. MDES was developed by ModuleWorks as an open protocol for transferring digital representations of manufacturing equipment between different hardware and software systems across numerous process phases. This covers machine tool tool components, assemblies, fixtures, stocks, setups, and mounting. ModuleWorks’ goal with MDES is to encourage the establishment of an open ecosystem that any company can utilise to efficiently communicate machining data between multiple hardware and software platforms.

Autodesk and DN Solutions were among the first to use MDES. The specification is designed to simplify and optimise data transfer between their two solutions, allowing for more efficient workflows between the CAM programming office and the shop floor. “As a neutral software provider, we are committed to our partners for the fast-paced development of software components for CAD/CAM system developers, CNC controller manufacturers, and machine tool builders,” explains Yavuz Murtezaoglu, founder and managing director of ModuleWorks. We extend our commitment with MDES to any manufacturing stakeholder who can benefit from simplifying manufacturing data interchange and lowering software adoption obstacles.”

ModuleWorks is a strategic partner, and their toolpath technology has been integrated into Autodesk’s Fusion 360 solution. Early MDES adoption allows Fusion 360 customers to produce MDES data, providing more information for the machining process and saving CNC machine setup time. “We’re eliminating bottlenecks that reduce accurate and effective communication,” says Al Whatmough, Autodesk’s director of product design and production solutions. Smarter machines on the shop floor will produce better results when they grasp an operator’s intent rather than simply executing directions. The MDES open standard is a significant step forward for the industry in resolving the problematic communication between CAM software and machine equipment.”

DN Solutions, a provider of integrated, smart manufacturing solutions to a variety of sectors, has a technology roadmap with ModuleWorks to add more capabilities to its CNC machines, such as the ModuleWorks Machining Simulation and Collision Avoidance System. “Our partnership with ModuleWorks adds additional technological value to our machines by minimising risks and reducing machine setup time,” explains Wonjong Kim, CEO of DN Solutions. Early MDES adoption will ensure that machine operators may use our cutting-edge technology to optimise their processes with less setup time.”

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