Mastercam acquires a developer of CAM post-processing software.

Sandvik has announced the acquisition of Postability, a bespoke software development firm that creates NC post processors that will be integrated into Mastercam. The addition of Postability is expected to expand Mastercam’s ecosystem of solutions by adding talent, technology, and diversity. Postability’s products and support will now be available around the world via Mastercam’s reseller channel. Mastercam users will be able to purchase a more excellent selection of post-processing technology with streamlined support and responsiveness with the inclusion of Postability.

“The addition of Postability’s post-processing technology makes industry-preferred solutions more accessible to Mastercam users around the world,” says Meghan West, President and CEO of Mastercam. “With this acquisition, Mastercam will be able to better support our customers by integrating best-in-class post-processing technology, as well as improved responsiveness and technical support.” “We are very excited to sign this acquisition agreement with Mastercam and Sandvik,” says Jodi Spall, owner of Postability. By joining the Mastercam team, we can provide our technology to more Mastercam users worldwide.” As a result of the transaction, Mastercam states it has no intentions to disrupt its ties with any external vendors, customers, or support solutions.

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