Jet Automation has been named as an Omron Certified Systems Integrator partner.

Omron Automation Americas has added Jet Automation to its Certified Systems Integrator programme. Jet Automation, based in the Greater Toronto Area, has over 20 years of experience in providing industrial automation and control solutions.

Jet Automation has worked with Omron to develop a collaborative robot palletizer solution, simplify and improve automation control systems using Sysmac, and install and upgrade industrial safety solutions. They recently expanded their capabilities by serving Omron robots in the field. In a news release, Omron says that with this collaboration, both companies are benefiting the automation sector by delivering streamlined procedures and increased safety measures.

Omron relies heavily on system integrators to create and provide fully integrated automation systems. They also have industry and application expertise in applying Omron’s cutting-edge technology and offering comprehensive system solutions. “Our certified system integrator programme gives end users peace of mind when procuring automation solutions,” explains Peter Brouwer, vice president of sales for Omron Automation Americas. “These firms have demonstrated expertise in implementing our most recent technologies, and they have full access to the local training and resources required to successfully deliver fully integrated automation solutions.”

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