Hundreds of flying taxis will be built in Ohio

According to a deal announced between the state and Joby Aviation Inc., the same Ohio River valley where the Wright brothers pioneered human flight will soon be manufacturing cutting-edge electric planes that take off and land vertically. “When you’re talking about air taxis, that’s the future,” Republican Gov. Mike DeWine told The Associated Press. “We find this very exciting — not only for the direct and indirect jobs it will create but also because, like Intel, it signals to people that Ohio is looking to the future.” This is significant for us.”Electric vertical takeoff and landing, or eVTOL, aircraft are becoming more common around the world, however, concerns about noise levels and charging requirements remain. Nonetheless, developers claim the planes are getting closer to providing a large-scale option to carry individuals or small groups from rooftops and parking garages to their destinations while avoiding the clogged thoroughfares below.

Joby’s choice to put its first scaled production facility at Dayton International Airport on a 140-acre (57-hectar) property builds on two decades of groundwork created by the state’s leaders, according to Republican Lt. Gov. Jon Husted. Notably, the location is close to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the headquarters of the United States Air Force Research Laboratories. “For a hundred years, the Dayton area has been a leader in aviation innovation,” Husted said. “However, capturing a large-scale aircraft manufacturer has always eluded the local economy there.” That aim has been realised with this news.”

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