Ford’s EV Charging Network Has Exceeded 100,000 Chargers

Ford is expanding its BlueOval Charge Network in North America by 25%, bringing the total number of chargers to more than 106,000. Customers in the United States and Canada can now use three new charging providers: Francis Energy, Blink, and Red E, which offer embedded charger routing and convenient payment options via FordPass. More than 10,000 new chargers, including more than 550 new DC fast chargers, are being added to the network by these three providers. Shell Recharge Solutions, Electrify America, EVgo, ChargePoint, FLO, EV Connect, and Electric Circuit join the existing BlueOval Charge Network providers: Blink, Francis Energy, and Red E.

The BlueOval Charge Network, which Ford claims is the largest public charging network operated by a manufacturer in North America, is a “network of networks” that gives Ford EV users simple access to a variety of charging providers without the need for various apps and memberships. BOCN offers a single stored payment account via the FordPass App or the in-vehicle touchscreen, removing the requirement for onsite credit card use. After creating a BlueOval Charge Network account, owners can use the FordPass “Find Chargers” option to pick, activate, and pay for BOCN charging.

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