FLO intends to create wireless EV charging

FLO, a North American electric vehicle (EV) charging firm and developer of smart charging solutions, announced new cooperation targeted at improving EV charging experiences. FLO is collaborating with industry leaders WiTricity and Hubject to test and enhance wireless charging and plug-and-charge technology.

“FLO is dedicated to advancing EV charging innovations that make charging more efficient, easier, and safer,” stated Nathan Yang, Chief Product Officer of FLO. “By collaborating with leading partner companies, we are able to develop and deliver cutting-edge technologies to EV drivers with the goal of providing the best charging experience.”

FLO is collaborating with WiTricity to test wireless EV charging technology at its advanced engineering facility. FLO is testing alternatives for FLO stations to charge vehicles without wires utilising the WiTricity Halo ® EV charging system in order to provide the greatest charging experience possible.”FLO is committed to supporting all types of connectors currently available on vehicles in North America, including NACS and potentially wireless on future vehicles,” Yang said. “This collaboration is an important first step towards this new technology.”

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