Flexxbotics is now a Universal Robots System Integrator

Flexxbotics has announced that it is now a Universal Robots (UR) Certified System Integrator (CSI). Flexxbotics is now certified to provide a full integration solution for machining centres that are adopting UR cobots or extending their fleet with Flexxbotics for machine tending.

Flexxbotics’ solutions, which include its FlexxCore technology, are intended to connect and coordinate UR cobots with current automation equipment, IT systems, and people in order to achieve autonomous process control in robot-driven manufacturing.

“Flexxbotics has been part of the UR+ ecosystem since 2018 and has become a real leader in CNC automation,” says Brian Conner, CSI programme manager at Universal Robots. The achievement of CSI designation confirms our trust in Flexxbotics and its capacity to provide turnkey machine tending solutions to UR customers.”

Tyler Bouchard, president and CEO of Flexxbotics, “We are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Universal Robots, while at the same time providing our customers with the confidence and assurance that Flexxbotics will be there every step of their robot-driven manufacturing journey.”

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