EOS North America presents ‘AM Turnkey’ to reduce blockages to industrial 3D printing

EOS Additive Minds applied engineering organisation in North America has announced the debut of its AM Turnkey consultancy programme, which it claims would eliminate frequent blockages connected with industrial 3D printing by refining “all necessary steps” for effective additive manufacturing production. A customer obtains a Proof of Production guarantee on their equipment upon completion of an AM Turnkey programme.

“AM Turnkey was created based on customer demand,” said Dr. Gregory Hayes, Senior Vice President of Applied Technology at EOS North America. We often deal with market leaders, industry disruptors, and national research labs. These clients are working on critical projects that cannot be slowed down by engineering challenges, AM system installs, or internal team training. We believe that close collaboration yields the best results for our clients, and the AM Turnkey programme is again another example of our commitment to bringing customers’ desired production results to fruition.”

To accommodate AM Turnkey projects, EOS has built a dedicated, secure facility within its Pflugerville, Texas technical centre. Additive Minds engineers and service technicians coordinate and oversee projects in real time for the team.

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