Dyness demonstrates energy storage solutions at the RE+ Exhibition

Dyness showcased its energy storage solutions at the RE+ 2023 event on September 12-14. RE+, North America’s largest sustainable energy fair, provides a networking platform to enable dialogue between guests and exhibitors. Because of their technological advances and exceptional performance, the domestic storage products Orion Series and Powerbox-US, as well as the portable storage product series, drew a lot of interest from visitors.

The Orion Series, with its modular design and extensible capacity ranging from 9.9kWh to 19.9kWh, assists consumers in achieving power sufficiency. It may meet various installation requirements by presenting various physical combination forms, minimising space requirements, and satisfying complex situations such as garage walls or basements.

Dyness also offers comprehensive remote management and real-time monitoring capabilities via a mobile application. Users may control and monitor their energy storage system from any location, optimising energy usage and keeping track of system performance. Dyness discussed its upcoming product roadmap and revealed plans to deliver additional highly integrated and intelligent energy storage systems in North America, providing individuals and communities with reliable and environmentally-friendly power sources.

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