Digital Thread Allows For First-Time 3D Printing

Siemens’ Manufacturing in America event, which took place earlier this year in Detroit, provided a forum for manufacturers to discuss best practices and ideas, as well as highlight the company’s latest technology. The digital thread, a framework that integrates all stages of a part production process, from design to manufacture to quality, was one thread that ran through the event.

One particular presentation demonstrated the power of the digital thread. Zachary Grey, business development manager for additive manufacturing at Siemens Industry Inc., and Adam Hiller, additive manufacturing and Siemens Xcelerator portfolio solutions consultant at Siemens Digital Industries Software, took attendees from design to postprocessing, tracing the part’s movement along the digital thread.

According to Grey, Siemens is well-positioned to offer digital thread solutions. The company does not manufacture machine tools, but it does supply machine tool builders and hence has the relationships required to connect all stages of manufacturing.

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