Collins is awarded $24 million to manufacture electric generators for the United States Army

Collins Aerospace, an RTX company (previously Raytheon Technologies Corporation), has been granted a $24 million contract to manufacture and deploy electric generators with containers to the United States Army Anniston Depot in support of the Abrams M1A2 Main Battle Tank. The Collins’ generator, which is part of the Army’s System Enhanced Package version 3 (SEPv3) to improve the M1A2’s performance and extend its service life, provides 50 per cent more onboard power than the vehicle’s heritage system in the same space, improving the tank’s survivability and reliability. Collins Aerospace, according to Russell Andrey, programme manager, has produced 800 electric generators in support of the SEPv3 programme.

The electric generator’s enhanced capacity contributes to the M1A2’s survival by allowing the inclusion of modern technologies such as laser warning receivers and radio jamming capabilities. The company’s generator delivers 100 per cent rated power throughout the M1A2’s operational range by utilising sophisticated magnetics and active load control. The system’s improved generator control and communications features also provide enhanced digital capabilities. The generators fit in the same space as the historical system, therefore no major modifications to the vehicle or its existing electric system architecture are required.

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