Canoo Teases Quad-Cab Electric Truck

Canoo, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has revealed the American Bulldog, an electric quad-cab truck. The Bulldog is only getting a few details from the corporation. It will have the same steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire capabilities as the company’s cargo van and a sturdy, lightweight honeycomb design. The vehicle, according to Anoo, is a version of the light tactical vehicle (LTV) that was sent to the US Army for testing in 2022. The LTV, dubbed the Screaming Eagle by Canoo, utilises carbon Kevlar for strength without adding too much weight. According to the business, the LTV, like its cargo vans, is “designed for passenger ergonomics, taking body motion and height into consideration, as well as multi-tasker components.”

The LTV was developed by Canoo to be changed from a pickup to a flatbed truck, freight vehicle, and more. The modular attachment system makes it easier to mount racks, ramps, storage boxes, tents, and tactical equipment. While it is unknown what powers the American Bulldog, the LTV on which it is based produces up to 600 horsepower dispersed to an all-wheel drive system. Air springs, a higher suspension, and 32-inch all-terrain tyres are all standard on the LTV. Canoo did not provide a timeline for the American Bulldog’s manufacture, but the company has been working to construct its manufacturing operations in Oklahoma. In April, the company closed on a 500,000-square-foot facility that will allow it to grow. During the first production phase, the company plans to employ more than 500 individuals.

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