Canoo Electric Vehicles Forms Partnership with Pawnee Nation in Clean Energy Technology

Canoo Technologies today announced a partnership with the Pawnee Nation, situated in Pawnee, Oklahoma, to find and develop emerging business and job possibilities in Oklahoma’s burgeoning sustainable energy industry.

“Our decision to locate our manufacturing in Oklahoma was driven in part by opportunities to work with tribal nations and others to further diversify local economies and to help create good jobs for working people in a dynamic emerging industry,” says Tony Aquila, chairman and CEO of Canoo. “Under this agreement, the Pawnee Nation and Canoo will work together to train workers and develop suppliers for Oklahoma’s growing clean energy industry.”We are excited to partner with Canoo and to continue to expand our business and economic development ventures,” stated Misty M. Nuttle, President of the Pawnee Nation. “This partnership provides us with diversification by allowing us to engage in industries that we have not previously explored.” We are excited to be on the cutting edge of energy and renewable energy options, and as stewards of our tribal and trust lands and natural resources, we believe it is our responsibility to engage in the most responsible activities and projects to ensure that our resources are available for future generations. Canoo, with their knowledge and experience in the sustainable energy market, seemed to share our objective. Their desire to assist the Nation in improving our efforts to satisfy people’s needs has demonstrated that we are embarking on a true relationship.”

According to Aquila, the Pawnee Nation and Canoo have reached an agreement in four areas. First, labour skills in zero-emission automobiles and other sustainable energy technologies must be developed. Second, qualified providers of parts and services for the zero-emission vehicle industry are being developed. Third, by connecting Pawnee students to internship and employment opportunities in sustainable energy areas, we are promoting STEM education. Finally, the Pawnee Nation will place a preliminary order for Canoo cars to be manufactured in Oklahoma. Canoo claims this arrangement between the Pawnee Nation and any business working in clean tech or clean energy, such as producing electric automobiles, is the first of its type. The Pawnee Nation is committed to the continuous development of its alternative fuel energy strategy and the community’s shift towards electrification.

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