Apocalypse Manufacturing Converted a Rivian into an 850-HP Kevlar-Coated Monster

Apocalypse Manufacturing, recognised for building trucks for all on/off-road circumstances, has announced the release of the Apocalypse Nirvana. This off-road and on-road vehicle demonstrates the company’s commitment to investigating all powerplant possibilities while pushing their functions to the limit. The Nirvana is an all-electric beast of a truck with 850 HP and a 0-60 mph time of three seconds. It starts at $150,000 (vehicle included). The truck has a fully bespoke, handcrafted angular body, a dynamic computer-controlled suspension designed from the ground up, and unparalleled torque vectoring. The truck also has 38″x15.5″ tyres placed on 20″x12″ SFJ wheels, a hand-made roll cage and sidesteps, and front and rear skid plates to guard against off-road conditions. The Nirvana has a height of 81″, a width of 91″, and a total length of 214″.

The Apocalypse Nirvana is a work of art and a 4×4 powerhouse. Its body is coated with a full Kevlar paint job, which gives it a robust appearance and protects it from scratches, rust, and erosion while remaining easy to clean. The Apocalypse Nirvana is a perfect blend of luxury and function, with a nearly 350-mile range, industry-leading quick charge time, 11,000 lbs towing capability, and hands-free highway driving. “Plainly stated, people have opinions when it comes to electric vehicles, so I had my reservations about Apocalypse tackling a project of this magnitude,” said Joseph Ghattas, Founder and CEO of Apocalypse Manufacturing and its sister company, South Florida Customs, also known as SoFlo Customs. “It’s fast, with raging power and teeth-clenching torque, so I really wanted to give it the look it deserved to match the powerplant.” Make it enormous, with a lift that fits with the original equipment offered, so that’s what we did, and I believe this vehicle shows our commitment to redefining the concept of luxury off-road super trucks.


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