Affolter Gear Hobbing Machine Comes in a Variety of Configurations

Affolter Group, a high-precision gear hobbing solutions provider, has introduced the AF160 eight-axis CNC gear hobbing machine with three gear-cutting configurations.Machine operators can transition from one configuration to the next in less than 30 minutes using an optional quick-change system. The C axis and the C’ prime axis in the arrangement I have powered spindles. This configuration results in improved cutting quality, higher torque, and rigidity, as well as a 50-degree swing on the A-axis. According to the business, the layout is perfect for the fabrication of spur, helical, bevel, crowned, and face gears.

A tailstock on the C-axis and a spindle on the C’s primary axis — configuration II — give the operator greater options. Worm milling is achievable thanks to the A-axis’s ability to move from -50 to +115 degrees. This setup is likewise applicable to all of the above-mentioned gear types. The C-axis remains vacant in configuration III, while the C’-prime axis is provided with a powered spindle. The AF72 part loader was explicitly created for the AF160. Different configurations — depending on the volume, product, and application — can be chosen with its double gripper system for parallel loading and unloading and telescoping arm for easy and efficient part loading. With the right setup, the AF72 can be equipped with up to five feeding rails, allowing it to preload more parts and run autonomously for more than 24 hours.

The AF160, according to the makers, can be configured for any application. Hobbing options include sensor-detected skiving, integrating the deburring process into gear manufacture with the addition of the AF54 deburring unit, and controlling part orientation and part presence. Various clamping methods, adjustable cooling systems, and chip extraction conveyors enhance adaptability.

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