Acme Abrasives is acquired by Tyrolit

Tyrolit, a specialised abrasives manufacturer and provider based in Michigan, has opened its sixth manufacturing facility in the United States. Tyrolit claims that the acquisition would broaden the company’s product offering for the steel and foundry industries, as well as the rail business. Acme Abrasives is a hot-pressed grinding wheel manufacturer for the steel and speciality steel industries. Tyrolit will include Acme wheels in its offering of industrial grinding and speciality abrasive solutions.

“We have built a successful global economic base that allows us to pursue our strategic direction of business activities,” says Tyrolit CEO Thomas Friess. The development of our portfolio, particularly in critical areas such as steel, foundry, and rail, increases our operational competitiveness.” “With the addition of Acme Abrasives, we hope to maximise our customers’ benefit and capitalise on our global position.” Acme has a long history of focusing on quality and efficiency. “We are excited about the opportunity to serve our partners even better and provide high-quality products and services for a wide range of specific needs,” says executive board member Matthias Kuprian.

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