A new recycling plant will ‘de-manufacture’ lithium-ion batteries

American Battery Technology Company announced the commercial-scale start-up of its lithium-ion battery recycling facility in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Centre (TRIC) in McCarran, Nevada, kicking off the implementation of its unique lithium-ion battery recycling technologies on an industrial scale.

“We are excited to have achieved this major milestone and to be now generating commercial-scale quantities of domestic recycled battery metal products,” said Ryan Melsert, chief executive officer of ABTC. “By securing our move-in-ready industrial facility in early 2023, we were able to accelerate our timeline to operations greatly, and the last step of receiving approvals for the updated operational permits for our specific internally-developed processes was received over the past week.”

In order to recover battery materials with high yields, low cost, and a minimal environmental imprint, ABTC’s integrated battery recycling system employs a selective de-manufacturing and targeted chemical extraction train. These techniques fundamentally differ from traditional battery recycling technologies, which employ high-temperature furnaces, such as those used in smelting operations, or non-strategic shredding or grinding systems. The ABTC system achieves more effective separation, recovery, and purification of high-value battery-grade materials with less environmental impact and lower costs than traditional approaches.

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