Powerful workholding with a light touch

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    Powerful workholding with a light touch

    Powerful workholding with a light touch
    Monday 11 January 2021 4:45:16 PM62 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Blue Photon’s workholding products are a manufacturer’s solution to hold parts for tight-tolerance machining and inspection. Complex-shaped, hard-to-hold parts, and delicate materials like ceramic and laminated composites are keenly suited to the technology which supplies up to 275 Kg of tensile holding power per gripper. Any part that is at risk for distortion from traditional clamping, or that pose complications in fixture design are easily and simply held with Blue Photon’s patented grippers and BlueGrip™ workholding adhesive.

    Blue Photon’s ultraviolet (UV) workholding technology has the capacity to hold parts securely and freely with exceptional 5-axis machine tool access. It allows for heavy milling of materials, like titanium and superalloys.

    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Turning
    • Milling
    • Grinding
    • EDM
    • 5-Axis

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