Dugard Launches Enhanced Range of 3-Axis Machining Centres

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    Dugard Launches Enhanced Range of 3-Axis Machining Centres

    Dugard Launches Enhanced Range of 3-Axis Machining Centres
    Monday 25 November 2019 9:12:20 AM22 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    The Dugard range of cost-effective vertical machining centres has now evolved with the South Coast company working closely with its long-standing Taiwanese partners to instigate enhancements throughout the already impressive range of VMCs. The Dugard 550, 760, 1000 and 1350 range of 3-axis machining centres now have a smaller footprint, larger work envelope, faster rapid travels and a wider choice of CNC control system – all at a more cost-effective price point than the previous models.

    Dugard has installed thousands of 3-axis VMCs down the years and by providing its machine tool partners with in-depth customer feedback and analysis from UK and European customers, the toils of the extensive R&D exercise are now bearing fruit. The final specifications were agreed upon at the EMO show; and the new Dugard 550, 760, 1000 and 1350 range of VMC’s are now available in the UK from stock for rapid delivery.

    Enhancements over the predecessor machines include extended Y-axis travel on the smaller 550 and 760 machines. Despite the extended work envelope, Dugard has managed to reduce the overall footprint of the 550 and 760 machines, keeping the overall footprint of both machines below 2m by 2m – an area that also encapsulates the ancillary equipment such as tanks, pumps and conveyors. To create uniformity across the range, each of the four machines now incorporates 20 to 11,000rpm spindle speeds with the 550 and 760 machines boasting a 10kW FANUC spindle motor and the 1000 and 1350 having the more powerful 18.5kW FANUC motor.

    On the two larger machines in the Dugard VMC range, the company is including a pneumatic counter balanced head on the Z-axis. The pneumatic cylinders are directly mounted to the column and vertically moving head cast to eliminate the requirement for weights and chains in the column. This enhances the kinematic movements of the Z-axis and improves the speed and precision of Z-axis movement.

    Another attribute that Dugard has added to the new range is increased options for the CNC control unit. Previously, only available with FANUC and Siemens CNC controls, Dugard has now added the powerful Mitsubishi M80 CNC control unit to the list of options. The Mitsubishi M80 facilitates an industry standard G-Code entry and it has a 10-inch touch-screen LCD monitor that is powered by a 32GB onboard memory and 64bit processor that can churn through 2250 blocks of code per second with a look ahead facility for 1350 blocks of code. This extremely powerful and intuitive CNC unit will be a welcome addition for Dugard customers that either have a preference for the Mitsubishi configuration or require a faster and more powerful control unit.

    With regard to the machine dimensions and specifications, the Dugard 550 and 760 both include a 16 station ATC with a BT40 spindle taper and rapid traverse rates up to 36m/min. This ensures highly productive machining within the 550 by 440 by 460mm (X, Y and Z) work envelope of the 550 machine and the 762 by 440 by 460mm travel of the 760 Series. The larger 1000 and 1350 machines respectively have a 1m and 1350mm X-axis with the 1000 Series providing 540 by 560mm in the Y and Z-axis whilst the sturdier 1350 model has a spacious 640 by 660mm work envelope in the Y and Z-axis. With the four models weighing from 2850kg up to 8110kg, the build quality, rigidity and performance is guaranteed.

    As would be expected from a highly reputable supplier like Dugard, each of the machines can be configured to suit the demands of the individual end user. As well as a diverse choice of CNC control, Dugard can also integrate a variety of options that include 4th and 5th axis interface tables, 20, 24 or 28 station tool changers, through spindle coolant, chip flushing and wash gun, spindle and tool setting probes and much more. For further information on the exciting upgrades that have been made to the Dugard series of 3-axis machining centres, contact your local Dugard representative or visit www.dugard.com As always, Dugard retains stock of this popular line of machining centre to provide end users with rapid delivery lead times.


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