Hoffmann Group’s Master Tap range & MLA holder are a game-changer for quick-change and swarf management

Are you tired of having multiple taps for different materials or facing problems with swarf? Hoffmann Group have the perfect solution with their new GARANT Master Tap range and MLA Tap holder! Join Tom Skubala of MTDCNC and Lee Henderson of the Hoffmann Group to find out about the massive time and cost savings with this incredible new range. The high-performance Master Taps offer less friction, unique geometry, and a high-quality grade combination for better tool life. Available from M1 to M30 as standard, the range of color-coded taps includes specific solutions for various and difficult materials. And if you’ve never seen a quick-change tap holder before, the Hoffmann Group have a game-changer for you! Find out how you can run a stepover of up to 20%, higher feed rates, and solve all your swarf problems with these fantastic solutions from the Hoffmann Group.

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