Great performance and finish with HPC reamers from Hoffmann Group

When it comes to reamers, one bad tool could scrap a job you’ve been working on for days! But the Hoffmann Group have some incredible solutions to make your life easier and safer. Tom Skubala of MTDCNC and Simon Ashworth of Hoffmann Group dive into the advantages of using their colour-banded reamers that offer great chip evacuation, improved hole size, and a brilliant finish. Simon shares the benefit of high performance with extra flutes that increase feed rate to produce the right size and tolerance. Available in a range of incremental sizes, Hoffmann Group reamers can be ground to whatever size and tolerance you need! Find out more about Hoffmann Group’s wide variety of reamers and a special hydraulic toolholder – say goodbye to your struggles with reaming. Visit the e-shop at to order a customized tool for your applications.

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