B&H Presents Made4CNC SD100

Detailed Specification

The SD100 is an out of the box solution to facilitate machine tending of a CNC machine Tool. The SafeDoor SD100 system contains everything you need to setup door automation on your existing machine tool.

The SafeDoor products are supplied exclusively through Brown and Holmes in the UK. Support is provided by our highly skilled team of engineers with years of mechanical and automation experience.

We feel this product will “Open Doors” to our customers wishing to get more from their existing machine tools, giving the option for machine tending, lights out production and all the other advantages of an automated solution.


The SD100 gives you the door automation, coupled with a Techman CoBot, end effector and automated Workholding, you have a complete solution for your machine tending application all available exclusively in the UK by Brown and Holmes.

Please contact the Brown and Holmes team on Tel: 01827 63591 or by emailing info@brownandholmes.co.uk.

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