Wheel and nut runners – car manufacturer

To produce and install LHS and RHS wheel and nut runners for picking, moving and fitting wheels to the car. The equipment needs to pick up a wheel from a stillage and manoeuvre it to the vehicle. Once at the vehicle it needs to fit the wheel to the car. Desoutter to supply the nut runner equipment, Brown and Holmes to retro fit the wheel clamping mechanism, Desoutter tooling handling equipment, X Y Z movements of the tooling. To meet the specification the following was used; Aluminium rail profiles to allow X and Y axis movements. Both axis powered by pneumatic motors for a fully automated, load free movement by the operator. Aluminium telescopic lifting axis powered by an electric hoist to raise and lower the equipment height. Pneumatic powered aluminium clamping mechanism for a lightweight and controllable wheel clamp. Paddles to sense wheel presence. Handlebars with controls so all movements are easily accessible from one position. LHS and RHS safety zones and integrated safety with Desoutter tooling for single position emergency stop. Separated safety zones ensures optimum performance of the system during the customers process.