Cleaning Up Your Act With The MistBuster

MTD recently visited the home of Brown & Holmes and Chloe met with Mark Haywood to discuss the many benefits of the MistBuster which they proudly supply to the UK market. The MistBuster offers a highly efficient air filtration solution, with efficiency up to 97.8% measured by an independent party with ASHRAE standard 52.2 at 500 CFM.

An in-depth knowledge allows the reliable operation of the air filtration design. A sealed compartment holds the electrical components, away from the air stream. The patented AQE Advantage cell reduces maintenance. Through a versatile design of the patented selector switch, the MistBuster air cleaners can handle the requirements of oil or water based coolant collection that causes other solutions to fail. Ease of installation the MistBuster units can be mounted via direct machine mount, a wall mount, a ceiling mount or a floor mount via a pedestal stand.