Change-over speed vs accuracy vs future flexibility is a common dilemma for manufacturing companies. However, workholding solutions from Brown and Holmes are designed to give easy and time efficient change-over whilst safeguarding both accuracy and the future flexibility.  This trunnion assembly was for a bespoke application for the manufacture of a new complex blade component that required 5 axis access around the blade profile. It was also designed with flexibility in mind so that the trunnion can be used for other components in their range which require more than 3 axis access. Whilst this base plate is designed to fit on a number of applications, this one was used with a zero point hydraulic system to provide accurate location and speedy changeovers on the clamping location system.  Production savings have been enjoyed from change-over time reductions and accuracy as well as the ability for the trunnion to be used with more than one workholding fixture.  Versatile solutions like this can be small or large (up to 3.5m) and can also include Tsudakoma rotary tables,  SwissChicks, Mytec hydraulic mandrels as well as Techman robots and other automation technology to streamline production systems.  To discuss your base plate or trunnion requirements, please contact the team at Brown and Holmes on 01827 63591 or email us your enquiry